GNU Global: Code Browser

GNU Global is a great code browser.

1. Install

Please install lastest version global-6.5 from source code.

2. Quick start

$ cd kernel
$ gtags -v # make tag files: GTAGS,GRTAGS,GSYMS
$ global
Usage: global [-aGilnqrstTvx][-e] pattern
global -c[qrsv] prefix
global -f[anqrstvx] files
global -g[aGilnoOqtvx][-e] pattern
global -I[ailnqtvx][-e] pattern
global -P[aGilnoOqtvx][-e] pattern
global -p[qrv]
global -u[qv]
$ global -s main

3. Code Browser in Web Browser

$ htags --suggest # make hypertext: HTML/

Then add HTML/ folder into web server(apache/nginx). For dynamic searching in browser, we could configure web server CGI to HTML/cgi-bin folder with -f parameters of htags.

4. Support more languages

Using Pygments Plug-in Parser for GNU GLOBAL, global could parse other language by symbol match(no semantic understanding).This plugin is now bundled with GLOBAL-6.3.2 or later, but we should change the default configure through ~/.globalrc file, as mention in project page.

5. Interactive with Emacs

Using ggtags or emacs helm gtags. For example, press M-x helm-gtags-mode [RET] to enable minor mode:

Key Command
C-c h helm-gtags-display-browser
C-c C-] helm-gtags-find-tag-from-here
C-c C-t helm-gtags-pop-stack
C-c P helm-gtags-find-files
C-c f helm-gtags-parse-file
C-c g helm-gtags-find-pattern
C-c s helm-gtags-find-symbol
C-c r helm-gtags-find-rtag
C-c t helm-gtags-find-tag
C-c d helm-gtags-find-tag
M-* helm-gtags-pop-stack
M-. helm-gtags-find-tag
C-x 4 . helm-gtags-find-tag-other-window